The Uprising of Drone Racing in America

Video courtesy of ABC News

Genesis Sandoval, Reporter

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A couple of years ago, no one cared much for civilian drones available to the general public, let alone drone racing. But now, there has been a rise in drone racing around the world, but mostly in the United States. Drone racing has went from nonexistent, to a professional sport in some instances. Drone races are beginning to be found all over the country.
The sport continues to grow for people of all ages, and is creating professional drone racers out of amateurs. The races can take place either in abandoned areas, or on their own indoor race tracks. Competitions even have prizes up to a million dollars. Drone racing typically uses first person view/virtual reality goggles, unlike most civilian drones that are flown for recreational use. The pilot is then able to use the goggles to control their drone throughout the race. Racers are typically eliminated once their drone has crashed or is slower than their other competitors until only one racer is left.
While once a small community, drone racers are becoming larger and larger, and hope to finally reach a point in time where drone racing is a nationally recognized sport, like football or soccer, and can have televised races.

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The Uprising of Drone Racing in America