Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Gaun

Dana West, Reporter

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This teacher spotlight interview tells about a history teacher here at Buena, Mrs. Gaun. Overall, the impression I got from her was that she is a sensitive, people person. She likes her teaching job mostly, but there are upsides and there are downsides as with any job. Most people do not realize the pressure of being a teacher, but the teacher I interviewed seemed to portray the hardships in a professional, yet realistic way.

Mrs. Gaun was first asked when she started teaching. She said her mom told her that it was when she was a small child, she always wanted to teach people things, even then. She decided she wanted to teach as a career when she moved to Sierra Vista, over twenty years ago. The nicest people here were the educators and some of the students. She went to the University of Texas prior to moving here and she attended U of A as well. She did enjoy college when she got older and actually understood the value of education.

An important question asked was why she chose to teach history over all other subjects, she said that it is because history is all about people and she enjoys it. This supports the fact that she is indeed a people person and she loves learning about others and interacting with them. When asked what she hopes students learn from her, she said empathy. She believes history is the best way to learn that. Aside from history, what she hopes adolescents learn from her is to be kind, to be tolerant, and to learn how to interact properly. The qualities she wants young adults to have is openness, willingness to learn, and empathy, as previously mentioned.

During the interview with Mrs. Gaun, I learned more than I ever have about her. She is a completely different person from how she is when she is lecturing as opposed to talking one on one. I learned from her that words hurt and people should think about what they say before they say it. I could learn nothing in history class but still say that Mrs. Gaun has taught me something. This something is what I have always known, but she put it into perspective. It makes you realize that there really is no reason not to be kind hearted. Teachers spend their lives teaching students and most take that for granted, but time spent here, among teachers, should be cherished and we should all be a little more kind hearted to the people providing us with our education.

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Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Gaun