Kylie Jenner Pregnancy

Aleea Peterson, Reporter

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One of the biggest icons throughout 2017 had to be Kylie Jenner. One of her biggest achievements last year was releasing her very popular lip kit. This year it seems that her biggest achievement is giving birth to her baby girl with Travis Scott. Kylie and Travis’ baby was born on February 1 at the same hospital that all her other siblings delivered their babies. The child’s name is Stormi.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was not well known until a few days ago. Though there was a lot of suspicion, it was never proven until Kylie posted a photo on her instagram on February 3 stating that she had given birth. She and her partner decided to keep the pregnancy private until the baby was born. Though the pregnancy want very public, Kylie managed to take plenty pictures and videos of her progress along the way. With those videos and pictures Kylie created a pregnancy progression video for her daughter that she posted on youtube.

There is a lot of controversy about the hiding of Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy. Fellow student Angela Herrera said “It’s her life and her baby, she deserves the privacy if she wants it.” Another student who is a big fan of Kylie is Mickellie Hammonds who said, “I was a little upset when she kept the whole pregnancy a secret because im sure her fans would’ve loved to be able to suppport her through the journey, but I understand where she is coming from.”

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Kylie Jenner Pregnancy