2017-2018 Staff

Mrs Ray


Coming soon...

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Jordan Leffelman

Editor in Chief

My name is Jordan Leffelman and I have been in journalism for 2 years and I really enjoy it. I enjoy coming to journalism cause it allows me to show my passion for writing and talking about sports. If you have any questions email...

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Sara Robinson-Camarena

Asst Editor

My name is Sara Robinson Camarena and I’ve been a reporter with the Buena Pegasus for three years now. I’m working on Cybersecurity Associate’s Degree over at Cochise College and will most likely finish up a year after I...

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Uikirifi Francisco Leatigaga-Lopez Jr

Asst Editor

Hi my name is Uikirifi Francisco Leatigaga-Lopez Jr      Senioritis it is a disease with only one cure : Graduation                       I recently joined Journalism to gain and learn more knowledge of writing a gre...

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Amanda Froiland


Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm new to newspaper.

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Xavier Juarez


My name is Xavier Juarez, and I’m a sophomore that writes for The Pegasus. I joined newspaper because it was a new opportunity for me. I have really enjoyed my time writing for the paper, and I look forward to my future as ...

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Kaitlyn Martin


Hi my name is Kaitlynn Martin I recently joined journalism and so far enjoying it ....

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Aleea Peterson


My name is Aleea Peterson and I am a reporter for The Buena Pegasus. I enjoy writing various types of articles including sports, technology, arts, and stuff just for fun. The reason I joined the newspaper for was to be able to...

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Thania Salinas


My name is Thania Salinas and I am a reporter for The Buena Pegasus. I am a sophomore and this is my first year writing for the newspaper. I joined The Buena Pegasus team because it is a great opportunity to express my ideas and...

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Genesis Sandoval


Yo my name is Genesis. This is my second year for writing for the Pegasus. I enjoy writing because it allows me to express myself that other ways can, and I especially like writing for the Pegasus. I usually don’t stick to one ...

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Dana West


Coming soon....

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