Kicking off Swim Season

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Kicking off Swim Season

Laila Avery, Reporter

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The crowd is lulled. The waters are still and everyone waits in anticipation. It’s the five-hundred meter race. Supporters wait at the end of the lanes with boards ready.


“Fifty freestyle, swimmers, step down!”


The swimmers take their places on the starting boards and kneel down.


“Take your mark!”


They firmly place their hands on the edge of the boards, and the buzzer goes off. The swimmers plunge into the water with perfectly skilled arcs and take off. The crowd goes wild. Parents and friends stand on the sidelines, cheering the swimmers on with passion and vigor. This is the Buena High School Swim and Dive team: supporters of all and friends of many.


At home meets like this, there is definitely competition, but the coaches and swimmers are well aware that this is a time to improve their own times and strive to better themselves. I asked Coach Dawn Gerow, one of the coaches, what she thought was important about participating in swim meets. She said, “I think the most important part of participating is that the athletes come in with a good attitude, whether they win or whether they lose, it’s all in how they swim the meet. And the big thing is, don’t worry about the competition in the water, worry about your own competition and beating your own time.”


Additionally, I asked a parent, Jennifer McIntyre, the same question. She said, “the camaraderie between the teammates.” I also asked a swimmer, Luke Mitter, who’s a sophomore. He said, “I guess, unity, like having a team to support you.” Madison Monbleau, another sophomore, claimed that swimming was unique because, “You can improve your body, your mind, and your soul, the trifecta, and you can boost your confidence in ways you never knew you could.”


All in all, Buena High School’s Swim and Dive team is a place of elite sportsmanship, support, and dedication that I had the honor of being a part of. I can personally attest to all of these values and more. Go support them and you can see how amazing they are too!