Who Will You Vote For?

Choose your vote poster made by student Carson Griswold.

Choose your vote poster made by student Carson Griswold.

Donn'Jai Arenovski-Washington, Reporter

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Inspired by West Virginia, Red for Ed spread across several states, including Arizona, helping teachers rise up for what they deserve! Just last year, the Morrison Institute calculated Arizona’s high school teachers’ “cost-of-living” measurements and concluded Arizona ranked 49th in the nation. Sparking attention throughout Arizona, thousands of teachers began demanding a 20 percent pay raise among other needs. Although State governor Doug Ducey, finally agreed to make this happen by the year 2020, educators throughout Arizona are continuing their mission, to better their schools and make their voices heard in the forthcoming elections and some are even running for elected office.                                                                                                                       
In particular Kathy Hoffman, a former teacher from Glendale, Arizona decided to run for the position of Superintendent of Public Schools. She believes her first-hand experience in the classroom, flourishes her ability to lead the Department of Education. Hoffman argues, with enough commitment to the Department of Education she can bring Arizona’s public schools from bottom to top of the nation’s school systems. Against her, Frank Riggs, representing the Republican party promises to put students, teachers and parents first. He provides important leadership experience as a military veteran and describes himself as the “man of action” to direct Arizona’s Department of Education. Although both candidates want to work towards similar goals, to fulfill the needs of our public schools, Hoffman currently leads the race with 129,694 votes. With a week and a half left to vote, November 6th is the day the winning candidate will be announced.
This election is immensely critical to Arizona student’s educational future. Mr. Hakim Mansour, a Buena High School teacher, wanted to emphasize this in his English classes. As a result, Mr. Mansour decided to try a new political project this year. Most students nowadays, don’t particularly pay attention to educational politics, therefore the project “Hoffman vs. Riggs” was the perfect solution to make his students “more aware.” In detail, Mr. Mansour required his students to  join groups and choose a candidate they would vote for. Each group researched their chosen candidate, to create a persuasive essay to convince the rest of their class. Overall, each class’s results were comparatively different than the other. While the majority of his first period voted for Hoffman, most in his seventh period voted for Riggs. Unfortunately, while Buena student’s won’t actually have the ability to vote, you do. So, who will you vote for?