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Which Family Movie Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Donn’Jai Arenovski, Reporter

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Aries-  An Aries loves to be first, which is probably why they rightfully earned their spot as the first sign in the zodiac! Always willing to dive head first into bold and adventurous challenges, “Monster House” is the movie that symbolizes Aries the most.  Monster house is about three kids who have wild suspicions about a “scary” house that steals kids. When no one believes them, they go on a mission to prove the adults wrong. Monster house relates to an Aries, as the characters within the story would be described as impulsive, determined and stubborn.


Taurus- Warm hearted and loving Taurus would do anything for a good cause! As they care for anyone and everyone. Disney movie, Mostly Ghostly represents Taurus the most! When a young, aspiring magician named Max, uncovers two ghosts (Nicky and Tara), in the basement of his family home, he begs them to assist him during his upcoming talent show. Desperate for something to prove to his family and friends, Max convinces Nicky and Tara to help out of the goodnesses of their hearts. Taurus loves to help people in need, which is why Mostly Ghostly definitely relates to a Taurus’s true passion for doing the right thing.


Gemini- Gemini’s, who are symbolized by the celestial twins, are known for their curious and quick witted personalities! The 2005 Disney movie, “Twitches” is about a pair of twin sisters, who unite together for the first time. They find out they’re witches, who have a calling to save the world.  When they put their heads together, they found they could accomplish the unthinkable and defeat the evils of a dark force. “Twitches” perfectly portrays the characteristics of determined yet extremely adaptable Gemini.


Cancer- Deeply intuitive Cancer loves spending time at home with their loved ones. They are natural homebodies and become easily attached to the things they love! That’s why “The Addams Family” is the perfect movie representation for you! The Addams Family is a 1990’s Halloween/fantasy film about an abnormal family who each have unique personalities. When a man claiming to be the missing brother of Gomez Addams arrives home, the family is instantly thrilled. Although, family woman, Morticia Addams suspects the man could be a fraud. In a string of events, she makes it her mission to find the truth once and for all. Just like a Cancer would!


Leo- Leos typically are known for their imperious, and optimistic energies, which definitely matches the energy from the movie, “Home Alone”! This 1990’s film focuses upon a bratty eight year old boy who acts out the day before the family trip to Paris. When his mom sends him upstairs to sleep for the night, the next day he awakens to an empty house, and realizes his family left him home alone. Immediately enjoying his new found freedom, two men attempt to rob his house. In a spiraling twist of events little boy, Kevin defends his home using his energetic, dominating mindset.


Virgo- As perfectionist and analysts, Virgos are usually very hardworking.  Similar to the Scooby Doo squad! The characters in the Scooby doo movies and television series, act as Virgos! They each are determined to solve every case they come across, not matter how hard it may be.


Libra- Libra is the social butterfly we all know and love, Casper the Friendly ghost would be the most sheer model of the Libra personality. If you haven’t seen the 1995 film yet, Casper the Friendly Ghost surrounds a girl and her father who move into a new mansion that happens to be haunted by ghosts, Casper being one of them. Casper is friendly and has a deep desire to be human again. Libras typically love to make new friends and typically peaceful people, just as Casper is.


Scorpio- Spooky Scorpio, Happy Birthday by the way! Scorpio, notorious for their secretive, yet brave and wondrous natures, would best be represented by the thriller movie, Coraline! Also known for being curious, Coraline lives a typical everyday life. When she eventually becomes bored and begins to search around her new house. Out of nowhere, Coraline finds a hidden door and decides to go through it. She instantly loves this new alternative world, with much “cooler” parents, though things soon turn sour. When they try to keep her forever, Coraline decides this new life isn’t what she wants, as she loves her real family, wouldn’t exchange them for the world, such as a loyal Scorpio would!

Sagittarius-  Extremely independent Archer is very strong willed and bold, just like the main character Skylar Lewis, in the Disney movie “Girl v. Monster.” When a young girl figures out her parents’ occupations, as monster hunters, they end up disappearing. Leaving Skylar the task of saving her parents. Sagittarius’s match the energy in this movie, as they love exciting new adventures!


Capricorn- Oh, so creative, ambitious and practical Capricorn, are typically destined to be successful in whatever to whatever they put their minds to. With their unwavering attitudes towards their desires and goals, they are able to accomplish anything. Ever see the movie Ghostbusters? Well if you haven’t already, the connection between Capricorns and the Ghost Busters is real! When four scientists are kicked out of their universities, they decided to take their own knowledge to catch ghosts for money. However, they accidently open a gateway to another dimension, and release unwanted ghosts throughout New York. Although, Capricorns usually like to avoid trouble, when they do come across it, they somehow come out on top, every single time!


Aquarius- The movie “Paranorman”, released in 2012 is the ideal movie expression of an Aquarius’s personality. Most Aquarius’s would agree, they are independent yet determined people, who are original for their ideas and personalities. Paranorman is based on a boy who has the power to see the undead, just like Aquarius, Paranorman is unique! They are typically known for their passion to help people and their highly intellectual brains! Paranorman does just this as he uses his passion to help his town when zombies rise from the grave.


Pisces- Awe, Pisces, known for being so caring and sweet with a sprinkle of curiosity to them, the movie “E.T the Extra Terrestrial” is the perfect movie representation for them! During the movie, the main character, Elliot finds a stranded alien while playing with friends. Elliot instantly befriends the alien creature and takes him into his ordinary, suburban home. Throughout the movie, Elliot builds a strong bond with his new friend, while hiding everything from his parents. Though, when E.T begins feeling home sick, Elliot does his best to keep E.T on planet earth. Despite all of this, the little boy is forced to bring E.T home, leaving Elliot heart broken by the departure of his extra terrestrial friend.  Like Elliot, Pisces have the ability to make strong unbreakable, bonds with friends. Not to mention if a Pisces came across an alien in real, they’d definitely follow the same steps Elliot took. They’re just so sweet!

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Which Family Movie Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?