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Funding and Buena Athletics

Laila Avery, Reporter

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The adrenaline rush, the fame, the recognition: all worthy aspects of being part of Buena High School’s athletics. No matter the sport, the sense of teamwork and camaraderie comes with it, along with new experiences and friendships. However, all of these things come at a cost. The current price is $160, according to Brian Miller, the Athletics Director. When asked what it was used for, he replied, “It’s mainly used for transportation, it’s used for paying officials, it’s used for insurance because everyone has to be insured on all the buses, it helps for keeping up the floors and facilities as best we can. Mainly it’s for transportation and officiating, which are our two biggest costs.”

However, for students from low-income families that can’t afford that cost, Mr. Miller guarantees that there are other options: “Yes, we have some ways that if you come see us, sometimes individual coaches do fundraising to help supplement payments. What we ask is that, regardless of situations, that everybody pays a minimum of fifty dollars. From that point on, then we’ll try to help. It’s kind of a scholarship; you know we have a little fund on the side from donations from the community that will help offset the cost.” Considering that it is comparable to a scholarship, it is assumed that students that hold athletic merit would be allowed to tap into resources like those.

As the director of athletics, Mr. Miller was asked why he thought that sports at Buena were important. His response was, “I think that one thing that, for sure, it does is it gives students an outlet, physical activity, it helps build teamwork and camaraderie, kids love competition, a lot of kids love competition, I think it enhances their educational experience because it’s something you do and it takes time outside of school, so it takes a lot of discipline. It takes hard work to be successful and those are traits that I think are good to have. I think teamwork and hard work are the two things that enhance a person’s life because teamwork makes you work together and everybody is on the same page. Hard work is, you’re going to get out of it what you put into it.” Additionally, athletics does pose a challenge to most students. With afternoon practice times, usually on the daily, students must balance that along with standard academic work. The ones that can do so successfully are practicing important skills that may need to be tapped into later on in life.

I really believe in extracurricular activities, whether it be band, or CTE, or ROTC, I value them all the same because it gives kids opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities outside the classroom.”

— Brian Miller

Lastly, for a look into just how much Buena values its athletics, Mr. Miller was asked what the school would most likely give up to maintain the department. “Without rising costs, there’s always a possibility that we would eliminate a sport, which I hope doesn’t happen as well, but hopefully that’s not something I have ever come across. I really believe in extracurricular activities, whether it be band, or CTE, or ROTC, I value them all the same because it gives kids opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities outside the classroom. Which, a lot of times, for a kid who’s struggling to find his way at Buena, it gives him a chance to hang around kids that he has something in common with. I’m hoping that’s something I never have to deal with,” he says.

The same stands for all of the diligent students at Buena that find joy in extracurricular activities. They have been and always will be an integral part of their lives, and we hope that the way for them to get there only gets easier from here on out.




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Funding and Buena Athletics