The Impact of Diversity

From Scientific American

From Scientific American

Thania Salinas, Reporter

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Diversity is what shapes respect and integrity in every aspect of our lives. Being able to build relationships with individuals that come from different backgrounds is what brings a sense of unity and acceptance within a community. For instance, Sierra Vista has proven to be one of the most diverse cities in Arizona, all due to its military base. Not only is it able to bring people in from all around the world together, but it also gives many the opportunity to become educated about diversity and gain a new cultural perspective. In our community, Buena High School is blessed to be able to teach students from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Not only are students that come from far away places given the opportunity to learn more about the American lifestyle, they also hold a gift of unique knowledge and a different worldview that students at Buena High School have been nothing but eager to learn about.

For example, Buena High School has made efforts to link people with different backgrounds together, such as introducing the Foreign Exchange Club. This club showcases diversity at its finest, and it demonstrates that when you place people with contrasting backgrounds and perspectives to interact with one another, magic can emerge in the blink of an eye. Being able to propose ideas and introduce a new outlook on the way students interact with one another is one of the gifts diversity brings.

A study run by McKinsey&Company Organization reveals that diverse executive teams outperform those with less diversity in the workplace. When the firm operated a two-year study consisting of 180 companies across four countries, statistics indicated that companies with top executive-board diversity ranked in the top quartile from the remaining companies. The study proceeds to state, “ROEs [returns on equity] were 53 percent higher, on average, than they were for those in the bottom quartile. At the same time, EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) margins of the most diverse companies were 14 percent higher, on average, than those of the least diverse companies.”

Diversity in the workplace has not only proved to improve financial performance, it also brings innovation into an environment as individuals from diverse backgrounds can offer a variety of skills and ideas not introduced before. Diversity is not simply about belonging to a different race or ethnicity; it can come in multiple forms as well as linger in seemingly ordinary groups of people. For instance, a group of individuals can have diversity when it comes to religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, age range, physical disabilities, economic status, and even diversity of thought. By interacting with people that view the world differently, one would be surprised to realize they agree with points of view they never would have imagined identifying with.