Best Face Masks for Your Skin Type!

Donn'Jai Arenovski, Reporter

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The teenage life is tough! We’re constantly stressed out, eating the wrong foods and have the tendency to rub our faces to stay awake in class. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all experienced that terrible feeling in the morning. Where you wake up to look into the mirror, utterly discussed and screaming; what is that?! And that moment of vast disappointment is what I like to call a morning nightmare or as you may know them, PIMPLES. Not drinking enough water or having a high level of anxiety can certainly cause those awful little things that magically appear overnight. This is where the face masks come in to save the day! If you haven’t noticed already, facial masks are continually growing in popularity and trust me; it’s not just for the women either. There are various kinds of different skin types. Therefore, here are the top four different types of face masks to use depending on your skin type!

  1. Cream Masks
    Cream masks are typically used to brighten your appearance and hydrate your skin. According to “Cream masks have emollient properties that help to soften skin, adding moisture that’ll keep your skin hydrated.”(Noble, para 5). This is why cream masks are an appreciable go-to, if you happen to have dry skin!
  2.  Charcoal Masks
    Charcoal masks are known to work wonders, as it can be used to detoxify your skin, your hair and brighten your teeth! Charcoal for Christmas doesn’t seem too bad anymore now does it? Now, at first, using charcoal for your skin doesn’t sound as lovely as using a typical face mask. Although, these masks are perfect for oily skin types as it helps pull all of the oh-so dreaded excess oils from your skin! Though as stated in, don’t get too crazy when using charcoal. “You’ll want to do this sparingly–once or twice per week at the most–so that you don’t dry out your skin.” (Best health, para 5).
  3. Exfoliating Masks
    Next up are your exfoliating masks! Ideally, these can be used for most skin types, yet they are great for blemish and or, acne prone skin! Exfoliating masks contain ingredients like, “volcanic rock and AHA-Hydroxy Acids” that help dig deep into your pores to remove dead skin cells and allow the texture of your skin to become smoother. “I love exfoliating masks, they work really well” explained Nisa Davenport, a Buena junior, “they help scrub away blemishes and your impurities!” Therefore, if you’re having acne troubles, try an exfoliating mask; it could be the solution to your problems.
  4.  Gel Masks

Gel masks are also known to be a good combination mask. Like, the exfoliating masks, gel masks can help dry and oily skin as well, but most importantly it treats sensitive skin types extremely well. Since gel masks typically don’t contain the extra oils that other masks do, they are less likely to irritate your skin! As a plus, these masks are generally cool in temperature, which give off a very calm and relaxing sensation! Now that’s a bonus!