The Lady Colts Impressive Season

Ciyanna Mohamed, Reporter

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     Lady Colt basketball has come a long way!  Their season is over sadly, but it shall not be forgotten.  Throughout the thrilling season, the Lady Colts were ranked number five in the region, and they had a record of 16-2, and made it into the playoffs.  According to Coach Cole “This is the first time in 10 years the Lady Colts have had a regional title.” On February 12, the Colts played against Casteel.  That game was intense, exhilarating, and astonishing, but the Colts lost. Nonetheless, our team played hard. Coach Cole said “This season exceeded expectations, the only way it could have gone better is if we were undefeated.”  And I couldn’t agree more. The fact that they made it into the playoffs is a giant step up compared to last year. Marvelous job Lady Colts!

Coach Mike Tomooka is the freshmen girls basketball coach.  After Coach T observed the varsity game, he made this statement,  “The season went very well. The varsity girls should be commended for their perseverance and sportsmanship.”  The Lady Colts are outstanding, very talented, but most of all they want to play the game. There’s no doubt every single one of those players have heart.  Heart isn’t just an organ, having heart is playing with laser-focus, constantly motivated, excited about winning, and have the ability to ‘bounce back’ after setbacks.