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The Glow Dance 2019

Lamara Stuart, Reporter

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Student Council has been planning and now organizing a winter dance, the Glow Dance. The dance will be held on Feb 22 at the Buena Colts’ gym. The Glow Dance, like many other school events, are perfect opportunities for students to interact with others, meet new people, and to overall have an entertaining time.

Sophomore Heaven Howell said, “I appreciate that the price for tickets and entry is cheaper than Homecoming because it’s in a better price range for the students who want to go.” When asked about a theme she has in mind for a formal dance, Heaven said, “I would like a Little Mermaid or under the sea type of theme.” Heaven Howell’s opinion on school dances is, “They are good to have, but are difficult for the chaperones to handle because the students can get rowdy at times.”

The question on the topic of keeping the lights on at the dance was brought up since Homecoming had the lights on. Freshman Jianna Vennie said, “There shouldn’t be a dance with a theme that needs a dark room if the lights will be on.” Jianna’s preferred dance theme is Greek, and her opinion on school dances is they are genuinely fun and interactive.

Both people interviewed claim that the gym is a superior location for a dance because it is bigger for the countless students that arrive and it is only a one floor room, so it’s better to move around, unlike the three levels in the cafeteria.

It is safe to say that students are hoping to have a wonderful time and to gain a kick out of the experience. Both people interviewed believe spending $10 to go to the dance will be worth it because based on their experience and what they’ve heard, Heaven Howell said, “Hoco was fun and hopefully the Glow Dance will be just as fun.” Jianna Vennie said, “Homecoming was an amazing and enjoyable experience; I know I’ll have a great time at the Glow Dance.”

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The Glow Dance 2019