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Sebastian Adrian Hudsen, Reporter

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Are there any clubs that you really fit into? Ones where you can just be yourself and not have to put on an act? If so, that’s fantastic! But if not, have you tried starting a new club? Recently, at Buena, more options for after school clubs have started popping up everywhere, like the recent Super Smash Bros. Club, which is still in the making, but has much potential, or the school’s Greek Club, which has many fluctuating students that come and go. If you feel like you don’t belong at this school, try to find a club that fits you, one that’s right for you and will accept you for who you are. If you can’t find any clubs like that, try starting one for yourself and others to spend your evenings together.

According to a few recently interviewed students, some of these clubs are more possible than we think, and some might be more fun than others, while some might be for science or technology aficionados. One specific student had a lot to say about how many clubs he was in, what subjects he’s passionate about, and what clubs should be implemented into the school. When asked how many clubs he was in, Sophomore,  Garrick Ferrell, responded with, “One club.” After asking what he thought were clubs that should open for next year, he said, “Some form of aviation or space club.” When questioned about what clubs he’d think the school would approve of, he replied, “Something semi-educational.” He was asked about how stressful it is for him to be in one club, and he said, “Not very stressful. Everyone is very kind and understand when you miss a day.” When asked about what subjects he was passionate about, and thought should be made into clubs for the coming Freshmen, he said, “I really enjoy science and technology classes and I think everyone should be able to experience clubs for these subjects.” After being asked how he would feel about a gaming club in general, starting next year, he responded with, “I would really enjoy that and I bet most of the school would too.”

Another student was asked along the same set of questions, and was joyfully surprised when asked to be interviewed. Freshman, Ethan J. Martinez, , told about how he himself wasn’t really into clubs, but did know about some subjects that he thought others would enjoy. He said he was in “No clubs,” to quote, but thought about ideas for future clubs. He thought that clubs that should be opened for next year should be, “E-gaming clubs.” After being asked what club he would like for the school to have next year, he replied, “Karaoke Club.” He was asked about what subjects he was passionate about, and thought should be made into clubs for the coming freshmen, and he responded with, “Engineering Club or Technology Club.”

These 2 students represent only a tiny bit of the school’s gaming community, and think that video gaming is a serious activity, and know many other students who would enjoy gaming clubs either for competitions and championships, or simply for fun and to be with friends. Students can  now start their own clubs, and just need to find a teacher to sponsor the club and get it approved by administration. Paperwork and information for this can be found in Student Services if you’re interested in making something new.

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