Buena Students Reveal Their Dream Concerts

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Buena Students Reveal Their Dream Concerts

Thania Salinas, Reporter

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Music and pop culture have revolutionized the way we see the world. There’s no doubt that music has been with us for the ups and downs, and every day we seem more invested in new melodies and enthralled in the emotion music can make us feel. For this exact reason, millions of people attend concerts every year, and they all agree that it is definitely one of the best experiences of their lives. Listening to music at home when you feel happy, in the shower, or in the car can make you feel deep emotions that are good for the soul. However, they don’t compare to experiencing those emotions with thousands of other people who feel just as excited as you.

Everyone has that one special artist, band, or song that they truly would love to see and hear live. I asked a few Buena High School students who that special artist is for them — someone they would do anything to see in concert. Here are some of the answers I collected:

¨If you could go to any artist’s concert, past or present, who would it be?¨

  • Michael Jackson – Sophomore, Ryan Cruz
  • Selena – Junior, Veronica Medina
  • PRETTYMUCH – Junior, Patricia Garcia
  • Cro – Junior, Keely Denny-Wright
  • Michael Jackson – Junior, Taylor Watson
  • The 1975 – Junior, Max Hathorne
  • The Front Bottoms – Senior, Genesis Sandoval
  • Pierce The Veil – Junior, Mackenna Heck
  • Chris Brown – Junior, Monshabe Coleman
  • Michael Jackson – Senior, Samantha Tiburcio
  • Jon Bellion – Junior, Karly Gore
  • Britney Spears – Junior, Damian Brown
  • Ariana Grande – Sophomore, Donte’ Jones
  • Gunna – Junior, Brock Fenton
  • Maroon 5 – Junior, Haylee Rayburn
  • Bad Bunny – Senior, Axell Romero
  • Post Malone – Junior, Marlie Prosser
  • Queen – Junior, Macey Hall
  • Prince – Junior, Madison Muerer
  • Anarbur – Junior, Caydyn Rice
  • J.Cole – Freshman, Anna Davis
  • Queen – Junior, Samantha Mercado
  • Journey – Junior, Nathan Haws
  • Big Time Rush – Junior, Nicole Sandoval

After asking multiple students, I noticed that for some, this was a difficult question and they had to think about it for a few moments. For others, their responses were almost immediate. However, they all gave an answer excitedly, showing that the thought of seeing these artists live truly made them happy. Perhaps you, as a reader, have thought about this question of your own. If you haven’t, it’s always something fun to think about and imagine.

Feel free to share who you would love to see in concert!