BHS Girl’s Tennis- A loss to Sabino

Donn'Jai Arenovski, Reporter

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On March 12, the Buena Girls tennis team hosted their second home game of the season against the Sabino High School. The girls’ match went on for approximately two hours, despite the piercing cold weather. Although, unfortunately, the girls ended the tough match zero to nine. While interviewing Buena sophomore, Kylianne Chadwick, I got a bit more insight on her match experiences. “We played some very tough opponents. We played state champions, Thatcher High School, and other really hard opponents.” Chadwick continued, “During my other matches, it was really hard to keep up with the other girl, especially because I was playing people with a lot more experience, but I still tried my hardest.”

I admire tennis coach, Mike Tomooka’s dedication to his team, despite the difficult journey they’ve been on so far during their season. His main plan of action is to guide his players, as well as his students, to become future leaders and kind-hearted people. Though, with the diligent team he has, that shouldn’t be hard at all. After asking Mr. Tomooka to describe his team in one word, he replied, “There is more than one word to describe a human being…a human has too many aspects.” He continued to share, “They all have awesome character, they are very coachable with good integrity,”and furthermore, “They’re good students in class and are enjoyable to be around.”

        Regardless of their challenging schedule, I adore their persistent and hardworking attitudes. Coach Tomooka expresses, “If you look at the small steps [they’ve taken], it was more than just one shot.” He continues, “They are going in the right direction.” Their approach towards difficulties throughout the season shows true heart and remarkable sportsmanship, and that is what being on a team is all about. I wish them all the luck during their upcoming home game against Douglas High School! With that being said, make sure to come out and support your Lady tennis Colts on Tuesday, March 26, I hope to see everyone out there!