Is School Too Stressful?

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Is School Too Stressful?

Genesis Sandoval, Editor

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Everyone gets stressed. There’s no denying it, all of us feel a little stressed or overwhelmed sometimes. Fortunately, for some, their stress does not consume their life. But others are not so lucky. With the way standards are rising to get a high GPA, attend college, etc., it’s hard not to ask if school is to blame for this.

Ask anyone in the hallway if they’re stressed at the moment, and the answer is more than likely yes. Early last year, a poll created by the social network site After School asked tens of thousands of high schoolers how often they felt stressed. 45% of them said, “all the time.” The reasons for this stress? Relationships and teachers.

There’s an undeniable pressure on students to reach certain goals, whether it’s inside or outside of the classroom. It’s more important now than ever to receive a college education. Brad Hershbein and Melissa S. Kearney, writers for The Hamilton Project, have found that college graduates make more than high school graduates at every point in their career. A high school diploma isn’t enough anymore. But what does college have to do with stress within teenagers?

The answer is simple: To stand a chance in college, you have to succeed as a teenager. More specifically, in high school.

From AP classes to standardized tests, it can feel near impossible to do well in school without stress or the fear you’re simply not doing enough. High school is stressful, especially if the transition from middle school is tough.

Freshman Brandon Edwards is just at the beginning of his high school career, but is already feeling the stress of what he’s endured this past year. “It’s been kind of hard to keep up at times. There’s already that lingering feeling that this all matters way too much if I want even a chance of succeeding after graduation,” he says. Many other students feel the same way, from freshman year, all the way to their senior year.

Adam Kim is a senior here at Buena, but felt almost exactly the same way as Edwards. “School became hard freshman year. That’s when it got stressful, and it only follows you till graduation. And even then, you have all these ‘what if’s’ in your head,” Kim explains. “There’s ways to make it better, but I know some people definitely struggle all four years,” he adds.

Kim was right when he said that there are ways to lessen the stress felt in high school. High school doesn’t have to be a horrible, overwhelming experience. It can feel like a struggle just going to school every day, but you can always reach out for help. Talk to friends, a teacher, a counselor, or even a crisis chat line if` you need to. Yes, high school is stressful. But high school is also what you make it.