Buena is Stormin’ the Halls

Gabriela Merza, Reporter

Football season is back and so is storming the halls. Getting ready for the football games at Buena High School can beget exciting with the band students playing their instruments to the cheerleaders cheering on their team and football players getting excited to play that night. 

As Football player Amauri Blake said, “ My favorite thing about being apart of the football team is the amazing experiences I get to have.” “I think storming the halls makes students excited because it’s an amazing feeling seeing your football team out there hyping up the crowd, it helps us get hyped and it gets our blood flowing.” 

 Lastly how he feels about getting to be a part of this team and these experiences with this football team he says, “ I personally feel good being on the team, I love the interactions with the team, they become your brothers.”  

A point of view from a band student Leah Offutt also enjoys storming that halls. says I“ it’s fun playing with the group. Learning new experiences feels great, and overall it bring school spirit to the students,.” said Offutt.

Make sure when we storm the halls you cheer for our team.