New Changes at Buena

Donn'jai Arenovski, Editor

Coming back into the new 2019 school year, there’s been various conflicting opinions about the latest changes at Buena High School. These recent adjustments include; a new enforcement in lanyards, and a change in the student pick up location and of course the yearly revision of the student handbook. Some argue the latest modifications don’t make Buena any better, while others agree they have.

Junior, Cadee Murphy personally isn’t the biggest fan of the new parking lot changes.“I don’t like the new student pick up, It’s very crowded and unorganized,” she stated.

Throughout the last three years at Buena High School the student pick up a lot and the student parking lot were always located in two separate locations. To further elaborate, last year the student pickup was joined together with the staff parking lot in the back of the school.This year Buena High School Principal Kristen Hale combined both of them for safety purposes. “We have no control over that; that had to happen because we were blocking the fire lane,” she expressed. Mrs. Hale emphasized that even though the new changes may be frustrating, this solution was the only alternative to ensure that emergency vehicles can access the back of the school without any trouble.

Another controversial topic among students this year is the recent enforcement in wearing lanyards. Principle Hale explained this new requirement is a “quick and easy way” to identify students who aren’t supposed to be on campus. To further explain, last year Buena administrators had multiple incidents where kids were caught sneaking onto campus to meet up with other Buena students during lunch.


However Senior, Martin Kuehn expressed that wearing the lanyards this year isn’t as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. “I get why we have to wear them…for safety and I don’t mind it. We had to wear them at Joyce Clark Middle School anyways.”


While Senior Maryssa Wise does agree with this concept, she is still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a lanyard all day long. “It’s a bit obsessive. If the staff wants to see my I.D I will show it to you but I won’t wear it, said Wise.


Even though a vast amount of students aren’t particularly satisfied with the latest modifications at Buena High School this year, Principle Hale would like to remind everyone that safety is always an important factor when considering new reforms. She also expressed there are “new plans in the making,” including a later start next year and more! When asked if Buena has truly changed for the better this year, Mrs. Hale definitely says yes!