Student Opinions about the New School Year

Kira Bradford, Reporter

School started August 1st and students have already developed an opinion about how this school year will go. Most students can agree that there are several ups and downs about the current school year. The most popular opinions are about Colt Time, extracurriculars, and the new lanyard rule.

One thing students are talking about is Colt Time, an extra class used to focus on student improvement in their courses. Student opinion has varied on whether they have found the program effective. 

Leah Offutt, freshman, said, “I haven’t found Colt Time effective, because it wastes time since it doesn’t help with the classes I’m in.”

Many students feel it is most effective when used for extra help in math, a subject most students struggle the most with. 

Jaeda Castro, senior, is a clarinet section leader for the Buena Marching Colts, believes Colt Time is effective.  “It [Colt Time} is good to have extra time to practice even though the marching band practices every morning,” she said.

Students have also said that they look forward to this school year because of the variety of classes and extracurriculars Buena has to offer. Freshmen are able to meet new people, and upperclassmen are able to do things they genuinely enjoy. Students can join clubs like Sister Cities, N.E.R.D.S., Creative Writing and many other activities. The biggest issue about the extracurriculars are many of the clubs are on the same day, so it is difficult for some students to balance multiple organizations.

The lanyard rule was implemented this year, and is by far the most unpopular change this school year. When students were interviewed the one thing they would change about Buena are wearing lanyard around their neck to display students’ IDs at all times.