2019’s Homecoming Royalty Ballot


These are some of the amazing posters the royalty have hanging to increase their chance of winning.

Kira Bradford, Reporter

Photo was taken by Katelyn White Homecoming King and Queen: Kyro Scott-Everly and Mariah Pierre
Homecoming Marquess and Marchioness: Bryson Bursik and Elle Stover
Homecoming Prince and Princess: Tobias Temple and Elle Stover
Homecoming Duke and Duchess:Devin Sullivan and Ameliah Volgende
Homecoming King and Queen:Cole Colvin and Tara Floss


Class of 2023: Marquees-Bryson Bursik  Marchioness-Elle Stover

Class of 2022: Duke- Devin Sullivan Duchess-Ameliah Volgende

Class of 2021: Prince-Tobias Temple  Princess-Kaila Davies

Class of 2020: King-Kyro Scott-Everly  Queen-Mariah Pierre

Faculty: King- Cole Colvin Queen-Tara Floss

Every year students run to represent their school as Homecoming Royalty. This year we have five students running for Freshman Royalty, eleven students running for Sophomore Royalty, seven students running for Junior Royalty, and eight students running for Senior Royalty.

According to Jovoni Borbon, senior, homecoming royalty is important because, “it shows school spirit and shows pride in representing your class.”

This year is also the first year that Buena High School is doing Homecoming Royalty with faculty on the ballot. This year we have five faculty members running for queen: Angela Crouch, Tara Floss, Evisa Swiney, Wesley Wood, and Robert Bounds. We also have five faculty members running for King: Alex Wolf, Cole Colvin, Mike Tomooka, Claudia Bowman, and Matthew Keough.

A good example of a student showing pride in representing his class is Junior Tobias Temple. Temple said he has been using “social media presence, fun videos, colleagues and doing things to build trust in the voters.” Another popular example is Mrs. Floss with her slogan “Be Crockpot!”

Vote right now for your class royalty!