Colt Time


Laniya Shack, Reporter

Here at Buena High School we have a curriculum that everyone does called “Colt Time.” During Colt Time students get the opportunity to choose what class they want to go to during the free 30 minutes that were given. Students had a variety of choices like: Culinary, Nursing, English, History, and any other class they were struggling in,or wanted to attend. This gave students the time to finish incomplete work that’s past due, retake tests, and to get extra help if needed. 

 For the remainder of the quarter, students are now staying in their 3rd hour class, instead of choosing and enrichment or attending a reteach session. While some students are not a big fan of Colt Time, others are wondering why the change when the are benefiting from the extra time.

Assistant Principal Nicole Young said that Colt Time isn’t cancelled for good, but that they are “restructuring it.” This is so that the staff of Buena High School are able to serve their students. 

She also stated that there were some issues regarding how it was working, but that the“break” we are having at the moment is giving us a chance to do the ECAP plan, which is a state requirement. 

Colt Time will be returning with a better plan starting in Quarter Two, but for the rest of Quarter One, students will remain in their third hour-block for those 30 minutes.