Senior CPR


Katelynn Martin, Editor

AZ Department of Education enacted a new law that every senior as of the school year 2019-2020 must be CPR certified in order to graduate. The AZ Department of Education made this decision based on what the students knowledge needing to go into the real world next year. CPR is a needed skill for many just in case someone may be choking on something or they are in need of compressions. As students learn about CPR it will help them if anything were to happen in front of them to save a person’s life. This training will be held during colt time, which will allow students to go to the training which will only be two days worth of information given to the seniors.

Senior counselor Tabitha Hopper said,“It will only be a training for two days, it’s more information than hands on such as compressions and mouth to mouth.” 

Even if you are already certified you must take the training as well. Students all will be certified before winter break, and that’s one more thing checked off before students graduate as students come to a close with their  high school chapter. Teachers Becky Deibert and Michael LaBrecque will be teaching this course. The training will be offered till every senior is certified for CPR which will be up to winter break.