The Homecoming Game


Kaitlyn White

Buena Colts storm the field.

Nicole Haralson, Reporter

On September 27, Buena played their homecoming game against Apollo high school. Buena played well, won 20-7 against Apollo, and made their school proud. 

Senior Jovoni Borbon said, “I was so excited we had won because it was a huge game to win as it was homecoming and it was against a phoenix team and i was just so proud I cried.” Jesse Avina scored the first touchdown of the game, giving the Colts a 7-0 lead. 

Sophomore William Stemler said, “ It was a very emotional win because they had lost to Apollo the year before.” 

The student section was going wild supporting their team, wearing their school color blue, and enjoying the game. 

Freshman Sophia Jimenez stated, “I felt proud watching the football game and I felt even prouder when the Colts won.  It made me feel happy to be apart of that and to cheer them on.”