Colt Cafe is Back in Business


Austin Novak

Student checks out at the Colt Cafe.

Austin Novak, Reporter

The Colts Cafe has Finally Open for Sale


Every new school year, staff and students wait for the opening of the Colt Cafe. The Colt Cafe is now open, serving breakfast and lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. Breakfast is open 1st and 2nd hour while lunch is served during both lunches.


The breakfast menu includes chocolate chip scones, fresh fruit bowls, and breakfast burritos. They also carry drinks such as iced/hot coffee in a variety of flavors, strawberry-mango smoothies, orange juice, hot tea. 


The lunch menu has been updated this year and now includes green chili beef burritos, as well as fresh fruit and cookies. You can purchase most of the same drinks at lunch as you can at breakfast.


Students who work the Colt Cafe enjoy both cooking the food as well as serving it.

Junior Abixael Deida-Cuba enjoys working at the Colt Cafe and find it is often busy. “It’s very packed on both lunches,” Deida-Cuba said.


Many students enjoy eating at the Colt Cafe, and appreciate the variety of food offered. 

Sophomore Brian McClay enjoys the food. “The cookies [there] are much better all the places around here,” he said. Cookies seem to be one of the many popular items at the cafe. 


All of the money made in the Colts Cafe will fund a trip to the Arizona FCCLA States Competition and the Disney World Competition. The students who work there like to work there and they know what they are doing is going to fund them a trip to the FCCLA States Competition.