College Night


Donnjai Arenovski, Editor

On October 2, 2019 Buena High School hosted college night from 4:30-6:30pm. School representatives not just from Arizona, but crossed the U.S came to educate and interest students about their university or junior college. Each school gave out flyers, tuition plans and school  deadlines. By the end of the night your student was walking out with more of a visual about their future plans now, more than ever.  


In charge of it all Buena counselor, Mrs. Carlson thoroughly planned this years college night since last year in October. She went on to explain, “We immediately have to start planning the next college night after the last one just because it’s such a big event.” Mrs. Carlson put a lot of hard work and dedication into the process. Not to mention, she personally contacted each school representative that was present at College night. 


Mrs. C’s sole goal for the event was to give an important opportunity to students. Moreover, when asked how college night benefits students Mrs. Carlson replied: “It gives them a broad view of what is available out there. The students are quite familiar with Cochise college and to a limited extent UASV. But to have them be able to talk to the reps, to see the literature and be able to visualize the nature [of the colleges], can trigger their thinking and help them connect with what they might want to do with their futures.”


Mrs. Carlson was pleased with College night’s turn out. “We always wish more students would come,” she paused “but the best thing we can do is to offer it to them.” She also added, college night wasn’t exclusively for Buena students. Mrs. Carlson ‘widely advertised’ the event by sending out an invitation to the area charter schools and even promoted it in her personal column with the Herald: “Ask Mrs. C.” Ending of the interview, Mrs. Carlson expressed her gratitude towards the local Sierra Vista scholarship vendors who also appeared at the event. Including Barnett Salons, the Sunrise Rotary, the Ft. Huachuca Thrift and so many more. “It was such a lovely thing for them to come out and do.”