Favorite Holidays by Buena Students

Austin Novak, Reporter

This holiday season is one of the best times for students. The holiday season is a time that refers to the time between Halloween and Christmas, and each student has their favorite holiday during the season. 


  • Freshman Esteban Figueroa said, “My most favorite holiday is Christmas because of how Christmas starts months before it actually starts. I like the events that Christmas holds and most people are nice to each other, because people have the Christmas Spirit during these times.”


  • Freshman Paul Perez said,  “I like Christmas the most because it is the endpoint of the year. I get to celebrate with my family and friends during Christmas time. I like to watch the year go by and remember the memory of the year.”


  • Sophomore Ethan Flor said, “I like Christmas more because you can hang out with family and give away gifts and receive gifts.”


  • Sophomore Sam Will said, “ It always been Halloween because it has been a huge part of my Childhood and people can be whatever they want in Halloween. I wish more people out there and be whatever they want during Halloween.”


  • Junior Sam Chase said, “I like Halloween because I get to dress out and the overall experience of going out.”


  • Junior Rene Wevers said, “I like Christmas because you get presents and I get to see my family and hang out with my friends.”


  • Senior Ezequias Iguado said, “I like Christmas because Christ was born that day and that’s the main reason why I like Christmas.”


  • Senior Isaiah Baugh said, “I like Thanksgiving because of the food that is given that day and the day after which Black Friday where I can get cheap things.” 


  • Senior Tiny Trevino said, “ I like Halloween because how you can dress up and I like the way how people come together. Also during Halloween, I like how you get to conquer your fears.”