2020 Netflix Releases

Jamaiya Jackson, Reporter

We are all excited about our favorite shows returning for another season this year. We are soon to expect some new movies also. Teens around the world are more than ready for shows like To All The Boys I Loved, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and On My Block  to return. These shows are loved by people, mostly teens, around the world. These shows are more watched by teens because they are coming of age and are not only entertaining but they are showing and teaching them about the outside world.

I’ve asked the students of Buena High School what series they prefer and the 2018 Netflix Original series On My Block came out on top. Research shows that this series is the most relatable to teens in this generation. This series takes us into the lives of four highschool students and their challenges to test friendship and survival skills in a neighboorhood located in Los Angeles.

I personally feel this show is important because it teaches you about friendship, death, family, high school and the outside world thats waiting for you.