New Year Goals


Lanyia Shack, Reporter

At the beginning of each year around New Year’s everyone typically comes up with their new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year ahead in an attempt to improve their lives. Common goals are to exercise more, eat healthier, save money, lose weight, and reduce stress. Basically letting go of all the negativities. However most don’t stick to their resolutions.

 Celeste Rice, a Buena High School freshmen, says her New Year’s goal is to improve her basketball skills. 

Many students at Buena have resolutions but will they commit to it? Committing to things can be very difficult. 

One of the most common reasons people break their New Year’s goals is that they tend to become a little overzealous, and burn out. Another reason is because people make the wrong resolutions, and they end up not being fully committed to them. It iss better to make goals that you have thought through and are willing to dedicate your time and energy to.