Buena Students Reaction to Amazing Comeback in the Superbowl

Buena Students Reaction to Amazing Comeback in the Superbowl

Austin Novak, Reporter

On February second, the Chiefs played against the 49ers in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. It was a hard-fought game between the Chiefs and the 49ers but only one had won the Super Bowl.  


The San Francisco 49ers started slow because the Chiefs scored a touchdown first, but they later out scored the Chiefs because Patrick Mahomes threw two Interceptions which helped them to build a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter.


The San Francisco 49ers were winning in the 4th quarter until they punt the ball back to the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes led a drive that saved the Chiefs from losing the game when he passed the ball to Travis Kelce for a Touchdown. That when he throws another Touchdown Damian Williams that finishes as a Victory for the Chiefs.


There are some Buena students’ reaction to the Superbowl Freshman Zak Palicte, “I was happy that the Chiefs won the game because I was rooting for them.”

Freshman Isaac Ozuna said, “When I was watching the games I thought that the 49ers were going to win but they blew the game away.”


Sophomore Logan Dickson said, “49ers fought hard trying to win but they failed in the end because they did not know how to finish football games.”


Sophomore Gabe Gleason said, “The 49ers were great during the first three quarters but it fell apart during the last quarter that’s how the Chiefs won the game.”


Junior Sam Chase said, “ The 49ers tried really hard but they messed up in the end because they did not run the ball.”


Junior Rene Wevers said, “The Chiefs won because they tried really hard to win and they did it in the end.”


Senior Ezequias Iguado said,” It was a great game to watch because I saw how much each side really tried to fight it out but there is only one winner which is the Chiefs.”  


Senior Zane Owell said, “ The 49ers were not being a great team because great teams finish strong and win the game. Overall the 49ers were bad during the last quarter because of how they lost the game to the Chiefs.”