2020 Renaissance Fair


Courtesy of E. Swiney

Kaitlyn Larson

On February 27th, 2020, both Ms. Kline’s 10th grade Honors English class and Ms. Swiney’s 9th and 10th grade English classes went on a field trip to the Renaissance Festival. The festival was held in Phoenix, Arizona. There were a total of 154 students that attended the festival, accompanied by both Ms. Kline, and Ms. Swiney, along with four other chaperones. The Arizona Renaissance Festival gives students a chance to do more than just read about the 16th Century. The Arizona Renaissance Festival brings to life the language, science, arts, engineering, and overall history of the 16th Century village marketplace.
On this trip, students were allowed to part ways with friends and explore the fair. When students first boarded the bus, Ms. Swiney created a mass group text message group for the field trip on the app Remind; whenever a student needed to get in contact with Ms. Swiney or she needed to send out a message in mass, Ms. Swiney was able to do so. This group wide message helped to keep things in order and helped keep the students safe knowing if they needed anything they could get in contact with a chaperone right away.
The field trip was an educational trip that allowed students to experience a culture they had only read about in their textbooks. The field trip was not only fun, but also allowed students to gain educational knowledge, which made it all worth it. This included: exploration, mannerisms, customs, commedia theatre, jousting tournaments, artisan demonstrations and music. There was so much to see, do, watch and be hands on with. This once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about this era was really amazing.