Buena High School Community Members Protest for Starting Fall Sports

On Tuesday September 1, Buena High School students and parents protested outside of the district school board meeting for sports to meet in person this year.
Cochise county is one of the few districts to meet restrictions on starting in person hybrid learning,Superintendent Eric Holmes was cautiously optimistic that schools would be open for in person instruction soon, but maintained COVID-19 numbers in the county would still have to improve for that to happen.
“I am hopeful that the numbers we receive on Thursday will be in the green so that we can start practices on Tuesday,” Holmes said. He continued to say that schools will only open if the counties COVID-19 numbers decreased and went into the yellow and greens before they can make a decision on in person schools. Many parents were furious and expressed confusion regarding why the district looked at county-wide numbers instead of Sierra Vista numbers. “A lot of other school districts are using ZIP Code numbers instead of their county, why aren’t we doing that,” parent Kristen Grimm asked. Holmes went on to say that it’s the states decision on the numbers that get sent to him. “Some districts in our county are still opening“ complained Grimm.
Parents told Holmes how their children had been handling online school, and how they are not mentally prepared to continue online schooling, “Socially I mean, my son needs to talk to his peers, as much as he’s home and I am home, we can’t have the same conversations he would have with other students. I don’t listen to his music, I don’t know their slang.” Diana Carranza said.
Kristen Grimm went on to say, “Our son Austin Grimm plays baseball and he was going to play football this year, that’s our reason for coming out here, he was telling us how his friends in particular have suffered from athletes’ depression. As soon as he brought that up to us it became a big red flag. This is so much more than COVID-19, much more than what happens in our community, this is directly affecting our children and we need to come together.” Other parents went on to say that because they signed the COVID-19 form that the school provided, their students should be allowed to practice. That it should be the parents decision on whether or not their kids can play sports in person.
Sierra Vista Unified School District students also were given a chance to vent their frustrations. Buena High School student Austin Grimm expressed to superintendent Holmes that he is not learning anything from the schooling system this year. How he cannot comprehend a single thing his teachers are teaching. That they are lecturing for two hours straight every day, and that he has to sit in front of a computer for six hours learning nothing. Holmes said that he understands that not all students can thrive in an online environment and that’s why as soon as we possibly can, we will be able to go back to in person schooling.
At the end of the day all we know is that we’re going to have to wait longer to see if school and sports is even going to happen this year. No decisions will be made for Hybrid learning until Cochise County hits yellow and green COVID numbers. Full in person school will not start until we hit all green.