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Spotlight on Projects

Students in Mr. Eric Suchodolski’s AP Studio/Advanced Art II class created unique works of art that you can see displayed down the fine arts hallway. For this project, students posed on large swaths of paper as their partners traced their form, eventually adding the outline onto large sheets of cardboard. Students then had the creative freedom to artistically create a portrayal of themselves using materials that would quickly cover space such as chalk and pastels. If you get a chance, browse the fine arts hallway to see these works of art up close for yourself! Featured is the work of all students in the class.

Students in Mrs. Evisa Swiney’s English class created presentations on an inspirational person of their choice and then used their public speaking skills to demonstrate their admiration for their subject. Pictured is sophomore Kaitlyn Wilson smiling as she presents on Jeffree Star.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Wilson smiling as she presents on Jeffree Star.


Students in Mrs. Sarah Ray’s first year graphic design class learned digital shading and the basic shapes and tools in Adobe Illustrator. The test project was for students to create an image of a famous person using only circles in different shades and sizes. Featured is the work of  sophomore Kurt Rolle with Bob Marley and sophomore Michael Porras with Lando Calrissian played by actor Donald Glover.

Spotlight on Projects

This page is dedicated to all the hard working teachers and students. Here we showcase the wonderful things that happen in the classroom everyday. If you have something you would like to share, simply email Mrs. Ray and she will send her staff to your room to cover your projects, milestones, and anything you want to share. Please give us at least 3 days in advance and all the details, especially your room number. 

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Spotlight on Projects